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Another New Year – More New Tunes


I’m still working on this, in addition to my sister-project here: so here’s an update on the stuff that’s caught my ear this year.

Last year’s offerings were pretty limited.  I guess there just weren’t that many releases that really struck a chord.  Here’s hoping 2014 will surprise and delight.

I’ll begin with this, simply because it was just on the radio and it prompted me to pull out the proverbial finger.  Where else have you heard brass used like this?

Another one I’ve been hearing a lot lately, from a band about which I have no knowledge.  The Bee Gees influence is there, for sure, but that’s not a bad thing.

I got tipped-off about this one by my nephew a month or so ago.  Didn’t immediately grab me, but after a couple of listens… well, give it a try and see what you think.

One more to finish this opening salvo, and it’s another band (with a dodgy name) which is new to me.  Lovely little guitar twiddle running through this.

A couple to add, before I forget.

Elbow, back with some new material.  I think I like this for its use of the phrase “oh, my giddy aunt…!”

Mr Albarn.  You never quite know what you are going to get, and the little string motif running through here is so un-rock’n’roll.  Nice video, too.

Here’s one that takes a while, but well worth the wait.  Bonkers video, too.

A little gem which could have come from years ago:

Albarn again.  Beautiful:

The fabulous Mr Johnny Marr:

The incomparable Jack White.  Is there no end to this man’s talent?:

A new band brought to my attention by the marvellous Marc Riley on that there BBC 6Music:

Lovely pop tune; cracking video (look closely):

Eno doing something different, again.  This time with that Carl Hyde fella out of off of Underworld:

This one is growing on me, especially after hearing the band in session on Marc Riley’s show:

Dreadful band name. Great tune:

Really love this one.  No idea about the artist, but great stuff:

A lovely little pop tune, not unlike Blur or Buzzcocks:

Perhaps the nicest ‘tune’ of the year but the worst title?  A real grower:

The Wave Pictures.  Nice bit of harmonica, a bass solo, and some Billy Childish on the writing credits.  Has to be good:

Slightly disturbing, but give it a chance and check the lyrics. Marvelous:


2013 – New Year: New Songs


Time to kick off this year’s favourites with a little beauty:

Live session by the band on Marc Riley’s show last night – catch it here for the next 6 or 7 days:

Jarvis & Co. back on good form:

And Bowie returns with an instant classic:

A new name for me:

Laura Marling doing what she does:

Where Can I Go?

Daft Punk

Oooh! I like the sound of this:

This one got under my skin.  Bit of a soft spot for Mr Collins:

Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s a good tune:

This one slipped through the net at the start of the year:

Records of the year (so far). Work in progress.


A late entry, with a lovely bit if guitar running through:

Hard to believe it, but a top tune from the Stones:

More from Mr Bugg:

More from First Aid Kit:

A grower:

This one has become a recent favourite:

And this: (let me know if you’ve ever heard anything similar)

If you are missing Yorke’s vocals:

Not sure about the rest of their oeuvre, but this is interesting:

Another couple, before I forget:

Really love this record.  Reminds me of other stuff, but that’s no bad thing if the other stuff was good in the first place (just cannot put a name to the familiar bits, so help me out, people.):

Not really a big fan of music videos, but I like this song and the video is unlike anything else I can think of, and at 18.5 million views so far, I guess it has hit on something special:

This is nice too (although the band name is daft):

Mr Coxon on top form:

Reminds me of Plank: La Luna*, but brilliant in its own right:

Love this.  Got sucked in by the big drum sound:

Hard to believe this is a lad from Nottingham:

Very Stereolab-like.  Gets stuck in my head when I’m riding my bike:

* Couldn’t really leave this off, though it’s from a few years ago: