I forget

I forget what I’ve forgotten.


I just realised that I must have forgotten so much stuff in the last fifty-odd years, I simply can’t remember what I’ve forgotten.  Well, yeah.  Obviously.  The point is, I can usually remember that I’ve read a book or seen a fillum, but I know that I cannot remember the plot or the story or the characters or the ending or the star or the author or the director.  In this case, I can remember that I’ve forgotten, if you see what I mean.  However, just this morning, I realised that I am forgetting what I’ve forgotten.  My computer reminded me that two years ago I posted a comment about a Radiohead video.  Essentially, the comment stated that I had never seen the video before, albeit that it was made for one of my favourite songs by the band.  I watched the video again this morning and found that it was not familiar in any way.  Strange, because I think I would describe it as particularly memorable.  I now know that I watched it two years ago, because my PC just told me, but if you had asked me yesterday whether I had seen the video before, I would have denied all knowledge.

This bothers me, but it also reassures me.

I have been telling myself to pick up the writing once more, not least because I want my children to be able to find out about what used to make me tick (and laugh, groan, cry, shout, smile, and all the rest of it), and… oh, crap!  I got distracted by a baby.  I cannot remember what I was about to write.

On that note, I’ll bid farewell, but will be back shortly.  Unless… well, you can guess the rest.

Oh!  That video?  Yes.  This one.


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