No posts for a while as I’ve been pre-occupied, but now Le Tour is well and truly over again for another year, I shall endeavour to scribble more frequently.  Before I shift to another topic, I wanted to add a simple postscript to the last entry.  I had one (fairly) detailed response, and this whole cheating conundrum has been playing on my mind ever since.

Look at it this way.  Today, and for countless years previously, pretty much any story about Le Tour de France in particular, and professional cycling in general, is prefaced with something or other about doping, (and now it’s Jiffy bags).  Something or other about actual, perceived or suspected doping.  Fair enough.  Pro cyclists only have themselves to blame.  Why, oh why didn’t Team Sky simply come clean on the Jiffy bag?  It stinks.  However, my issue – and my point – is not centred on this.  The response to which I refer above, effectively continued the ‘all cyclists cheat’ mantra, thereby bolstering all the associated negative undertones, while simultaneously condoning the fact that ‘all footballers cheat’ and confirming that nobody really cares.  This is the crux of my bemusement over our double standards.  Imagine if every story about X football team were prefaced with a reminder that they only won the FA Cup in 20XX because their striker Y feigned injury in the penalty area in the 94th minute.  Perhaps they’d also managed to have their opponents’ top defender sent off following a bit of devious play-acting in the 13th minute (evidence of which was there for all to see on the video replay).  This kind of stuff is routine.  This is cheating.  We are collectively fine with that.  Indeed, we applaud it.  It’s bloody weird.  Well, I think it’s bloody weird.

Anyway, for a fascinating insight into the world of doping in the pro peloton, this is well worth a listen.  It adds some wonderful, thought-provoking context, the like of which I’ve not heard before.



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