Using your head

Take a look again at yesterday’s photograph.  Five people on a scooter.

Nothing particularly unusual there, although the addition of a dog and perhaps a set of step-ladders would give it some further authenticity.  Look again and now what do you see?  Okay, now look again at the hit and run video clip from a couple of days ago when the car took out four or five scooters at the junction.  One of the scooters had a child on board; again nothing unusual in that, but look behind the collision and you’ll spot a woman riding past with a child on the back.  There’s a specific similarity with the photograph.

Dear Scooter Riders

I note that some of you choose not to wear a helmet.  I understand this, up to a point.  I note that others of you choose to wear a helmet and carry a passenger or two or three or four, but these passengers don’t wear helmets.  This puzzles me.  What is your train of thought here?  Just out of interest, what would you say to your child/grandchild if you ended up in a collision and, oh,  I don’t know… the child suffered severe head trauma?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully


As ever, it’s the thought process that interests me.  Again, nobody seems to care.  In a society where the children are (apparently) so important, how come there is no massive public outcry about this kind of thing?  It is evident everywhere, every day.  What is the general public thinking?  I need to know.  Please enlighten me.

“Yeah, we’ve read all that, but where are today’s images?” I hear you shout.  Well, if you insist, here’s what you might call a brown trouser moment:

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