Here in Status Symbol Land

Oops, wrong blog.  It should be here:

I’m the right age to have grown up watching this lot larking about on the television.  I recall being really excited about watching each episode, although I now have absolutely no memory of what the show was about.  Then again, this could be said of pretty much everything I have enjoyed on t’ box over the years.  I think The Monkees was especially interesting because it was American but the singer was a Brit, so we could claim some credit for its brilliance.  Well, success, if not brilliance per se.  Putting aside the TV and the clowning around, it’s fair to say that they knocked out some pretty fine songs.  I think this is my favourite.

In the car today, I heard a godawful version of a rock classic.  I need to hear the original tomorrow, to bleach my mind of that abomination.  A band with four ‘y’s in the name singing about a feathery thing for ten minutes or so.  Or something.

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