I can’t get it in reverse

A quick one today.

Dear Scooter Riders

Why do you start your engines before pushing the machine backwards out of its parking space?  Is there as secret reverse gear nobody has told me about?  Think about it.  All that extra fuel being burnt; all that extra pollution.  What are you thinking?  Please let me know, as I’m genuinely interested in the thought process.

On a similar line, why do you sit with the engine running at a red light which shows you that you are going to be waiting for 30, 60, 90 seconds, or whatever?  Look at the photograph I posted yesterday.  Imagine 100 scooters all stopped for 90 seconds, all with engines running.

I’d do another calculation to illustrate the enormity of the waste, but what’s the point?

Lots of love


For those of you needing a visual, this is off topic, but not unusual.  I’ll come back to it in the near future.


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One Response to “I can’t get it in reverse”

  1. It’s a Scandal | fiftyyearsandcounting Says:

    […] ‘reversing’ out of a parking space (I wrote about the phenomenon the other day here: http://fiftyyearsandcounting.wordpress. … n-reverse/ ) and then calculated the amount of such additional and entirely unnecessary emissions for a […]

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