It’s Not Only the French…

Regular readers will know that I take a certain amount of perverse pleasure from posting images of Carrefour’s typos.  I am very happy to report that they are in good company.  Here’s one from our Trans-Atlantic cousins:


Crap photo (sorry about that) of a massive ad’ in the local Costco.  I think it could even be an Aussie wine, so bonus points to me for a real international find.

Actually, the French have come up trumps again.  There’s a new Decathlon superstore somewhere on this glorious island.  I know this as an advertising flyer arrived in our post box the other day and this caught my eye:


I’ve no doubt that this would find a niche market, somewhere on this here Internet.

Taking a slight tangent with this one, as there’s nothing wrong with it – it just tickled me.  Teenage boys will also be giggling, I have no doubt.


I’ll end on my favourite topic.  Cycling is about to hit town as the Tour de Taiwan 2014 kicks off in a few days.  I happened to be browsing the website and clicked the ‘translate’ option.  I think the Gusto Team may struggle (you may need to click on the image to appreciate this one):


There are no top tunes about the Tour de Taiwan, so you’ll have to make do with this:

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