After I returned from England, I found that there was a new addition to our bathroom.  Attached to the shower screen we now have one of these, so Christopher can stand to pee like a big boy:


Not especially noteworthy, I’ll grant you, but this is what’s on the other side of the box:


Wouldn’t you just love to see such things on the shelves in the UK?  An onomatopoeic spelling mistake always the day seem brighter to an ageing, nitpicking pedant.  I say always, whereas in truth, I cannot think of another example.  I’ll be sure to look from now on.  Meanwhile, young Christopher is doing pretty well with both ones and twos.  In fact, I got so excited that I had to photograph the first successful two.  I was going to publish the image, but quickly realised that that would be exceptionally inappropriate.  The picture of the recently departed cicada in the previous post will give you a sense of the occasion, if you see what I mean.

Here’s another sign I spotted not far from here:


I rather like the additional O and C, but I’m particularly fond of a bit of stvess relief.  I imagine this place is popular with our German cousins.

I rode over a bridge near here a few weeks ago, but not before taking heed of the following warning:


Prohibilcd sounds a bit Welsh to me, so I have this vision of some bloke called Morgan sweating away in a sign shop in down-town Zhubei.

As in previous posts, I highlight such errors because they make me smile, but also because I find it rather touching that so many signs – even out in the middle of nowhere – have an English translation, just so that idiots like me don’t end up making fools of ourselves.

It’s also a potential source of income if I could just make a few inroads with signwriters and printers.

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