I Saw a Sign

I mentioned in a previous post that I would let you have some examples of how English is sometimes used and mis-used out here.  Normally, I see something which makes me smile and I just walk/ride on by, without thinking of sharing my joy/amusement/amazement/confusion, but I’ve had a phone in my pocket recently and happened to focus the (rather inadequate) camera upon these.  I’ll add more in the days and weeks to come, so check back from time to time.*

I had to look twice, but my immediate thought was that this would be of limited use, unless the Second Coming is imminent and JC happens to have Zhubei on his itinerary:


I’ve walked past this place many times, but have yet to be tempted inside.  I suspect it’s the kind of thing for which people would pay good money in Brighton:


This is a really typical example of the type of thing that interests me most about the use of Taiwanesenlgish.  I really cannot see how these words add anything to a 50cc scooter:


Slightly off topic, but another thing I saw for the first time yesterday; a woman wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet riding her bicycle.  It barely registered, to be honest, and I felt no compunction to reach for the camera.  I see so many unusual things in my daily comings and goings that it’s becoming more difficult to raise an eyebrow, however, I do love the extremes.  A couple of days ago I witnessed a whole-family-on-a-scooter-scenario (plus dog, plus shopping) and thought (as I usually do) about how the Daily Fail would go into melt-down if such a thing happened on a road in the UK.  The point is that it was such a stark contrast with what I’d noted earlier… two Porsche Panameras (you know, the really ugly ones) within about 60 seconds of each other.  In a city full of Chelsea, sorry, Taipei Tractors, such exotica exist on every other street corner (I saw a Ferrari and two Maseratis the other day, not to mention the Audi S5).

EDIT: Now, would you Adam and believe it?  The boy and his mum have just got back from the shop where the boy had just spent 15 minutes road testing every toy car, lorry and train on the shelves.  Guess which one he chose?  Only the bleedin’ Porsche Panamera.  What are the odds…? Evidence, m’lud:


(And no, his mum couldn’t possibly have influenced his decision – she wouldn’t know a Porsche, let alone a Panamera, if it jumped out of her soup and bit her on the arse.)

* I feel I ought to stress that I am not taking the proverbial, here.  For me, this is actually one of the things that makes Taiwan so unique, so interesting, so fascinating.  It continues to struggle with its own identity, but it thrives on its own terms, using its own methods, oblivious to what some stuffy old white man may think.

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2 Responses to “I Saw a Sign”

  1. Mike Edmonds Says:

    TittyTea is actually owned by a buddy of mine (Shawn) and his wife. They named it after their dog Titty… leading to massive disappointment by most who wander in off the street. Good food in there, and you might find a pint that appeals to your UK tastes as well.

  2. berevington Says:

    Thanks, Mike. I’ll make a point of dropping in to say hello next time I’m passing. Usually pretty thirsty by the time I’ve walked that far pushing a buggy.

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