Walking Woes

As a brief update on my previous post (https://fiftyyearsandcounting.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/open-letter-to-the-taiwanese-authorities/), here are a few examples of what is causing me problems.  Three of the four are easily fixed, while the other will take some effort.  Three of the four are within 200 metres of the front of our apartment block; I’ll document some of the more interesting paving scenarios at some future date, just in case my lawyers need evidence once I’ve twisted or broken my ankle(s). ;0)


Just to add some balance, here’s possibly the best piece of pavement I’ve come across.  The irony is that it is on a bridge over the river and is being used by nobody else; I crossed twice yesterday afternoon (so I was on the path for maybe 15 minutes in total) during my nine mile walk and saw absolutely no one on foot.  I was, however, the recipient of a thousand quizzical glances from all the scooter riders flashing past.


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