Christmas Day in Taiwan

No stocking.* No scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. No bucks fizz. No tangerines. No nuts. No chocolate. No pint with me dad. No turkey. No sprouts. No Christmas pud. No brandy butter. No crackers.

I could go on.

Sounds a bit negative, but in a funny way it was nice not to have the same old same old. Much as I missed being in a cold and wet England with the family, it was a non-Christmas to remember.

Noodles for breakfast. Spicy. Trip to a new arts centre. Cultural. Lunch in McDonalds. HERESY!** Travel on the MRT and a free bus ride. Green. Jack-hammer demolishing the internals of a neighbouring house all day. Noisy.

Typical Taiwan. You should try it some time.

Spicy noodles for breakfast.

Spicy noodles for breakfast.

Dadong Art Center (sic)

Dadong Art Center (sic)

*Rest assured, the tiny boy did have a stocking of sorts.  Here he is, trying to feign interest. ;0)

At least Christopher had a stocking

At least Christopher had a stocking

**The plan was to have beef noodles, but the local restaurants were all open-air, adjacent to a really busy road and junction. The fumes were too much to bear, so we swallowed our pride and took refuge under the golden arches and their attendant air conditioning. The shame will remain with me forever.

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