Give Cyclists Room

I’m curious about this:

It’s not unusual to see these signs on the roads around the East Midlands.  Clearly, they are predominantly aimed at the bikers themselves, with some also aimed at drivers, so it strikes me as interesting that there is a campaign designed to plead with motorcyclists to take care of themselves.  I’d be interested to know whether permission is granted to attach the signs/posters to roadside furniture, or if they are effectively illegal.  It seems that Leicestershire County Council support the campaign…


…so I wonder if they are funding it in some way?  

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have something similar designed to educate drivers about the need to give enough room to those of us on the greener form two wheels?  I like the idea of asking questions; the bikers are asked whether the risk is “To Die For…?”, so how about asking motorists something along the lines of whether they are leaving “Enough Room For Your Daughter…?”.  I’d be willing to bet my house that drivers would not pass their offspring or other loved ones within just a few feet at 60 mph, but because it’s only me and my other Lycra-clad comrades, the allowing of enough space seems to have no importance.

I’d like some help on how to pursue this as an idea.  How should I go about it?  Who should I approach?  Who is likely to care?  Where could I get some funding?  Does anyone have experience of this kind of thing?


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One Response to “Give Cyclists Room”

  1. Helen Says:

    I like the warning signs that you pass sometimes when there are road works – something along the line of ‘Take care Dads at work’ etc. It personalises it. Cycling shirts with ‘Nana’ or ‘Mum’ ‘My brother’ on the back would be interesting – unless of course the driver behind in the pyscho who hates his Nan! Shirts with messages on the back are so preferable to ones on the front – why would I, 58 and counting, want to encourage anyone to stare at my chest!!

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