Smithfield Nocturne

I just caught the highlights, as broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday evening.  Here’s my good friend Jeroen Janssen of Team Raleigh doing a bit of showboating as he wins the folding bike race on a Dahon 30th anniversary special bike.


If you are in the UK, you can watch the programme here for another 3 weeks or so:

I’d like to have gone to watch, but a trip to the smoke and a late finish made it a less than ideal proposition.  Maybe next year?

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2 Responses to “Smithfield Nocturne”

  1. Bruce Says:

    You should have gone. Being 50 is no excuse… I’m 49, made a 2 hour trip to get into Town, and it was worth every minute. Superb FREE entertainment from 4 – 10. What other sport give so much for so little….

  2. berevington Says:

    Certainly not using age as an excuse. Rather, it’s about cost and time. I am not working (well, other than as a house husband and father to a 16 month old), so income and expenditure is under pressure. Should’ve blagged a lift down with Raleigh

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