Here’s a genuine question for drivers.  If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you drive some form of motor vehicle, and even if you don’t the odds are pretty slim that you don’t know someone who is a driver.

What I’d like to know is why you would pass a cyclist within a few feet when – and this is the crucial point – when the road is otherwise completely clear?  In other words, the right hand lane is completely empty, visibility is unrestricted and there are no other hazards.  Bear in mind that if you were overtaking a car in the same situation, you would use the right hand side of the road, so why would you not allow the cyclist the maximum available width?

I’m not suggesting that all drivers give cyclists too little room.  Indeed, many make full use of the road, but I can guarantee that on every training ride that I do, several drivers choose to give me the minimum amount of room possible.  Is pretty frightening, especially when the pass is made at high speed.  I often wonder what room they’d allow if it were their son, daughter, husband, wife or other loved one they were passing.  Why do they think it is acceptable to put me at greater risk, rather than simply move a number of feet further to the right?  I find it extraordinary, and even more so when I point out the empty road space only to be dismissed with some obscene gesture.  What am I doing wrong?

So, I’m genuinely interested to find out what drivers are thinking.  If this is not you, then perhaps you’d forward the question to friends, relatives, colleagues – anyone you know who drives – and ask them to leave a comment, please.  In fact, forward it to someone anyway. Maybe ten people and ask them to do the same.  I crave answers.


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One Response to “Drivers”

  1. Mandy Turton Says:

    As your sister and a rather nervous cyclist I can tell you that I give cyclists a wide berth for 3 reasons mainly, I) I imagine that the cyclist might be as nervous as me and may wobble and fall under the wheels of my car, 2) I always think about your ranting, particularly your C bomb ranting!!! 3) that old favourite of my/our mothers “do as you would be done by!”

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