Selfish, ignorant cocks

What is the matter with people?  Why do I have to suffer the selfish, ignorant cocks who don’t give a shit about my safety?  Why can’t I communicate with them?  What have I done to cause them to act like cocks?

Twice in the last couple of weeks I have managed to catch up with drivers who have passed me too closely.  The first drove by in his Discovery while I was stopped at the side of the road adjusting my shoe.  It was a small, quiet village at about 7.45pm, so there was barely a vehicle on the road.  The road was empty but he still chose to pass me with a couple of feet to spare.  When I caught up with him (he’d stopped for fuel) I simply asked if he could give me more room and then asked if he knew how close he was.  He responded by stating that he didn’t do it deliberately.  Nobody ever does.

Today I was approaching another small village on a quiet country lane when a white van passed me with just a couple of feet to spare.  He then stopped to wait for an oncoming vehicle as a car was parked on the left.  I approached the passenger side window and asked if he could give me some more room.  His response?  “Well, get off the fucking road then!”  What a COCK.

Why should these things make me so angry?  Why shouldn’t they?  A two ton metal box versus a fifty year old bloke on a piece of steel ain’t a fair fight.  The cunts never listen to reason, never apologise for their mistake and always shift the blame on to me.  I go out of my way to be courteous to other road users, thanking those who actually wait and give me space, moving out of the way if it’s too narrow and busy, so why am I subjected to life-threatening stupidity (nearly) every time I venture out on two wheels?  What means do I have to communicate with all those I cannot catch?  I’m sick of it.

Perhaps I should just ride like a selfish, ignorant c@&t.

Please forgive the language*, but how else do I let off steam?  I was angry.  It’s language that is used by many of these morons, but in the end they are only words.  Ask Bob Geldoff.

*EDIT: Lame, I know, but I’ve opted for the more user friendly ‘cock’ as I seek to make this blog known to a wider audience

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