Records of the year (so far). Work in progress.

A late entry, with a lovely bit if guitar running through:

Hard to believe it, but a top tune from the Stones:

More from Mr Bugg:

More from First Aid Kit:

A grower:

This one has become a recent favourite:

And this: (let me know if you’ve ever heard anything similar)

If you are missing Yorke’s vocals:

Not sure about the rest of their oeuvre, but this is interesting:

Another couple, before I forget:

Really love this record.  Reminds me of other stuff, but that’s no bad thing if the other stuff was good in the first place (just cannot put a name to the familiar bits, so help me out, people.):

Not really a big fan of music videos, but I like this song and the video is unlike anything else I can think of, and at 18.5 million views so far, I guess it has hit on something special:

This is nice too (although the band name is daft):

Mr Coxon on top form:

Reminds me of Plank: La Luna*, but brilliant in its own right:

Love this.  Got sucked in by the big drum sound:

Hard to believe this is a lad from Nottingham:

Very Stereolab-like.  Gets stuck in my head when I’m riding my bike:

* Couldn’t really leave this off, though it’s from a few years ago:

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8 Responses to “Records of the year (so far). Work in progress.”

  1. berevington Says:

    Reblogged this on fiftyyearsandcounting and commented:

    Time for an update

  2. Things I don’t understand « fiftyyearsandcounting Says:

    […] […]

  3. rousseau Says:

    Came here via a cycling thread on Forumosa (I’m a former resident of Taiwan, now safely ensconced back in Canada). I very much enjoy your writing on cycling. You echo many of my own feelings about it.

    I also would like to thank you very much for posting a Youtube list of some of your favourite music. As a late-forty-something guy I don’t generally feel the inclination to “keep up,” as it were, but I’m always grateful when like-minded enthusiasts share good tracks, as I’m bound to enjoy some of them. Your “hit list” is a hit with me: I’m now totally infatuated with both Tame Impala albums, having been stopped in my tracks by “Elephant” when I first clicked on the video above; and Jake Bugg is a real find, too. I’ve been a long time Blur/Graham Coxon aficionado, so that was pleasingly new yet comfortingly familiar, but I’d never heard Hooded Fang before, and they’re right in my back yard!

    Many thanks, again!

    • berevington Says:

      Thanks for the positive comments. Cycling and ‘proper’ music – oooh, I’m such a music snob ;0) – are what keep me sane these days.

      I’ve written about it elsewhere, but BBC Radio 6Music is where I found out about all the tracks listed and it is, for my money, the best place to hear great music each and every day. No advertising either. Thankfully, I can still get it online out here in Taiwan.

  4. rousseau Says:

    Radio 6. Yep, I’ve listened to it and enjoyed it very much. Via the internet, of course. I would like to make it more of a regular habit, but my problem is that when I’m at my computer trying to write things in one language in another I get distracted by music. Or other things. Especially if I like the music. Or other things. Too much of a propensity to procrastination mixed with borderline ADHD tendencies, and, well, uh…what were we talking about again?

    Oh, right. Musical distractions. You see what I mean. But I think I’ll make a point of listening in anyway during my leisure hours. If I’m not on my bike. As one of the regulars in “Time Gentlemen, Please” (yes, I’ve seen it, and no, no other Canadians have) might have said had he been a cyclist instead of an alcoholic:

    “My bike! My beautiful bike!”

  5. Robo Says:

    I love this blog, Cycling, Taiwan, Cakes and an educated ear for the right kind of Music.Magnificently eclectic.

    We might be the only fifty year olds on the planet listening to First Aid Kit!. I would have chosen Emmuylou from the Iion’s roar but can’t fault any of your other choices

    Here’s one for the blog



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