June 2012

A few people have suggested that I start a blog.  Frankly, I’ve been thinking about doing so for some time, but have always shied away from the idea.   Who wants to read about my stuff?  However, as the big 50 nears, I’ve found a reason to jump on the blogwagon* and have decided to try and find my voice.  Who knows, at least I’ll have some form of diary to look back on in years to come – something to pass on to my child(ren) to explain what makes me tick, what makes me happy or sad.

Ten years ago the thought of giving up work to look after my son would have seemed ridiculous.  I was just finishing the first year of my degree and was about to return to Somerset for a another summer installing computer cabling and there was no potential mother to my offspring anywhere in my tiny circle of friends and acquaintances.  I was working long hours, riding my bike whenever I could, having just ventured into the dark world of road cycling after finding Loughborough somewhat bereft of mountains.  As I approached forty years of age I was as fit as I’d ever been – just a year later I was taking part in my first road race, proudly wearing the purple Loughborough jersey.  I even won a BUSA medal.  There can’t be many over forties who’ve managed that.

So, here I am a few days away from a half century, wondering what I should do from here to oblivion.  I now have a wife and a son (of 16 months) – the loves of my life.  I now own seven bicycles of various descriptions – evidently, cycling has become the only true passion of my life – and time to stay fit and train for racing again.  All the signals seem to indicate that a blog should have a definite theme, so if it’s not going to be about me or my family, it has to be my bikes and my interest in cycling, in whatever form that may take.  In truth, I’m not one for playing the amateur pundit.  I enjoy bike racing and I love bikes, but I’m not going to stand up and tell the world who’s going to do what, nor which equipment is the ‘must have’ for the season.  I don’t care what colour socks riders wear, nor how long they should be.  I just want to see good racing by honest athletes on beautiful machines and although this is probably still something of a naive triumvirate of expectations, I’m confident that things are improving.**  I’d like Christopher to grow up in an era where drug scandals are a genuine exception.  Come back in June 2032 and we’ll see how things have panned out.

*I’ve just Goooooooooogled blogwagon.  I’m not sure I’m using the term in the sense of blogging about a particular topic simply because everyone else is doing so.  Heaven forbid.  Rather, I’m jumping on the huge wagon of blogs.  I don’t even read any blogs, other than occasionally coming across a link to something written by some wannabe pro cyclist or a neurotic first time mother (thanks, Goooooooogle), although I became aware of the blog format offered by WordPress through links posted by one Andrew Collins via Twitter.  Ah, yes.  Twitter – the one form of social networking that appeals to my limited patience.  #hashtagscanbefuntoo

**News about the the latest Lance Armstrong/drugs accusations has just hit the headlines. #herewegoagain

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